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Program Themes

           During my time in the higher education and student personnel program at Kent State University, I have learned that becoming effective student affairs administrators requires a general set of competencies, skills, and paradigms.  Specifically, I have learned that a successful student affairs practitioner is a student-centered, intentional, reflective professional, who is mindful of stewardship.  While there may be officers operating in student services capacities who do not share these competencies, skills, or paradigms, those who do will be more successful and more effective.

Student-centered focus

Student affairs professionals should be student-centered. To serve students, an effective administrator must understand students. To that end, I have learned about student development, the aggregate environment of the student body, and student subcultures. I have sought out experiences working with students at the beginning of their higher education, at the end of their education, and after their graduation. I have learned about multiculturalism and diversity within the student body, and specific methods for improving engagement for students from disadvantaged groups. I try to serve students with everything I do in the career office. I feel my role is to help them plan their way, to provide options, and to connect them with opportunities. By focusing on the student and actively spurring them towards their own goals, I ensure that students learn appropriate skills and find a career with the right fit.

"From many courses, I gained not only skills for working in higher education, but I also gained the comprehensive theoretical framework which will allow me to examine higher-level influences, consider factors that might complicate a given situation, and continue my examination of topics beyond what could be covered in a two-year graduate program."