HIED 66652: Law & Higher Education

Catalog Description:

Selected principles of constitutional, statutory, case, and common law affecting the administration of colleges and universities are studied.


In this introduction to laws concerning universities and higher education in general, I learned about potential legal pitfalls to avoid as an administrator in higher education. Among other things, we studied torts, discrimination, harassment, copyright, contracts, authority, sanctions, and student rights. This course was particularly fascinating to me, and I try to make sure that any action I take as a higher education professional is not only legal, but also minimizes any liability risk to my institution.


By the end of the course, students will learn what impact U.S. federal legislation has on the work of professional higher education administrators and student personnel.

Key Assignments:

Article and Case Summaries – Besides the cases and laws presented in class, I investigated recent cases and articles about the right to interstate or international education.