HIED 66666: Financial Management in Higher Education

Catalog Description:

This course is designed to provide students of higher education administration with the knowledge of financial issues, sources of funds, the economics of education, financial roles of professional and academic administrators, and the financial management skills as they apply to all institutions of higher education.


This course covered financial management issues in higher education at macro- and mezzo- levels. We investigated theories, models, and results of higher education finance using scholarly sources. We were introduced to financial terms, models, and concepts, which was helpful to me, as I had never taken a business, finance, or economics class before. We also investigated financial mathematics, including functions as various and complex as mortgage financing, endowment interests and annuities, return on investment, and real return of a stock portfolio, factoring in various levels of risk and beta-values. Learning the financial math and applying such equations to financial situations in higher education, such as one might in a business or development office, was a real treat.

Key Assignments:

Comparative Analysis of Funding of Higher Education – In this project, I compared and contrasted the funding of higher education among public and private institutions of higher education in Ohio and Indiana. I analyzed financial aid models, funding models for public institutions, economies of scale and scope in education, endowment size and impact to draw conclusions about what each state does well in financing higher education.