HIED 66667: Business Administration in Higher Education

Catalog Description:

This course introduces students to the administrative and business management of institutions of higher education. The course covers topics such as institutional planning, space management, budgeting, human resource administration, purchasing, and organizational management.


This class complemented what I learned in my financial management and leadership courses. By examining the possible implications of running an office or an institution with business concepts in mind, I believe I have emerged from this class able to keep the fiduciary interests of my institution in mind and able to serve as a good steward of the resources entrusted to me. While sometimes executives and managers must make difficult decisions that affect students, faculty, and staff, practical matters for the survival and continuation of the office or institution often warrant as much consideration as institutional or departmental goals or student development theories.


    • Knowledge and understanding of the nature of financial and business issues within higher education and student affairs

    • An understanding of the impact of business principles on the organizational structure and administrative work within higher education

    • An understanding of the staffing process within higher education and the student affairs profession

    • An understanding of the current context of higher education and the factors influencing student affairs professionals

    • An understanding of the major management and administrative issues facing higher education and student affairs

Key Assignments:

Simulation Projects – In these projects, arranged in a serial progression, we take on the role of an administrator within an office or institution faced with difficult administrative decisions. For instance, setting departmental goals, and facing difficult budgeting decisions.