Sample Artifacts

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I have collected here some examples of papers I have written for classes, projects I have completed through work, and presentations I have given at professional and student conferences.

Class Assignments

HIED 66666: Financial Management of Higher Education, Fall 2009

Comparative Analysis of Funding of Higher Education – In this project, I compared and contrasted the funding of higher education among public and private institutions of higher education in Ohio and Indiana. I analyzed financial aid models, funding models for public institutions, economies of scale and scope in education, endowment size and impact to draw conclusions about what each state does well in financing higher education.

HIED 66674: Comparative Higher Education, Spring 2010

Comparative Paper and Presentation – In this project, I examined the marketing of institutions of higher education in the United States, Australia, and China, especially the role of prestige, competition on non-academic items, advertising, and financial aid in attracting students to individual institutions.

HIED 66672: International Students at American Colleges, Fall 2010

Marketing Research and Strategic Plan Paper and Presentation – I conducted market research on the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia and identified it as a strong potential future provider of international students to Kent State. Using demographic data, cost/return on investment analysis, and academic information about Malaysian cities, I put together an action plan for increasing Kent State’s enrollment of international students from Malaysia over four years.

HIED 66655: Case Studies in Higher Education, Spring 2011

Case Studies – The bulk of the work in this course involved responding to hypothetical, critical situations that could happen at institutions of higher education. In each case, I and a group of my peers played the role of a higher education administrator or student affairs professional. We used the theoretical knowledge and other information we have learned during the course of the program in order to respond in the best possible manner.

Work-Related Items

Graduate Assistant, Career Development, University of Mount Union

Diversity for a Lifetime Workshop

During the spring semester, along with the Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs and an intern in the Career Development office, I developed an eight-week program on multicultural awareness and sensitivity training for a group of Mount Union students. We developed the workshop based on a former program that the Career Development office had not implemented in several years. We were encouraged to make changes and present the program as we desired. Mostly an interactive and reflective program, the workshop was a success.

Topical Presentations

During my time in Career Development, I developed a number of different workshops on topics ranging from answering difficult interview questions to resume development to choosing a major. I presented my sessions in classrooms by invitation from instructors, in the residence halls, and in stand-alone programs sponsored by the career development office. One example is presented below.

    • Resume's Anatomy - Following an interactive presentation during which attendees were asked to sketch a person in under ten seconds, attendees were walked through constructing a resume from its component parts. Find the handout attached.

Resident Director, University of Mount Union

Roles and Communication

A presentation for new paraprofessional Community Educators and Program Administrators during Residence Life Student Staff Training in Fall, 2010.

Staff Expectations

In addition to departmental material, I distributed the following list of my expectations to my staff members. I frequently referred back to these expectations as the most important guidelines in their positions.

Admission Counselor/International Specialist, Saint Xavier University

Student Ambassador Program

One of my additional responsibilities within the Office of Admission was to co-supervise the Student Ambassador Program. In 2009, our vice president responded to our request (which had been a frequent request of the office) to begin paying our student ambassadors by asking us to put together a proposal. We gathered research on other institutions' ambassador programs following a presentation we attended and used that data in our proposal to pay student ambassadors.

Conference Presentations

Budget? What's That? - April, 2011

An introduction to budgeting for fraternity and sorority groups, presented with Andi Kelley at the inaugural Ohio Athletic Conference Greek Leadership Summit, hosted by Otterbein and Capital Universities.

Electronic GPA Calculator: Fast & Accurate GPAs - November, 2010

I presented the GPA calculator I developed as an intern in the Kent State University Office of International Affairs with Kristen (Leciejewski) Summers at the 2010 NAFSA Region VI Conference in Indianapolis. In the presentation, we explained our rationale for creating the calculator, demonstrated its functionality, and distributed it free of charge to the attendees.

Interviews on the Horizon? Learn how successful candidates prepare! - October, 2010

This interview preparation workshop was presented for students from around Ohio who attended the OCPA Careers in Student Affairs Conference, which was hosted at the University of Mount Union.